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Chairman's Desk

Welcome to The Renaissance International School.

We are confident that your children will receive an education here like no other.

We have assembled a team of hard-working and forward-thinking teachers and staff who are working hard to constantly refine and update their methods.We are going to build an athletics program that includes cricket, football, badminton, gymnastics and dance. We have expanded our campus to include a well-equipped school building, a stage, a sports field and administrative buildings. We have begun coordination with other institutions to give our students access to a unique and sound education. The Renaissance International school has developed partnership with an American High School to conduct student exchange program. The atmosphere here at The Renaissance International School is like that of a laboratory, full of experimentation and creative. The momentum we feel from our progress is inspiring!

Our teachers, mentors, trustees and school management committee have been actively involved in international and local education. Their knowledge of the real world helps ensure that your children’s education is grounded in practical rather than purely theoretical knowledge. Having worked in India & International educational environment, I have observed many teaching methods and learning styles. I have observed what works, when it works, and why it works. I also know that the field of education is always changing and developing. That is why our faculty periodically receives intellectually stimulating training on the latest teaching methodologies so that your children are being challenged to think strategically. As the world progresses, so will we, and so will your children.

Our staff, our trustees and our partners and ready to bring their wisdom, hard work, and skills once again with even more vigor. Now that we have seen what we as a community are capable of, we truly believe that the sky is the limit. We invite you to join us as we continue to push students to the next level of learning.

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